Sourdough Rye Rolls

After weeks and weeks of playing with various bread recipes it’s time for rolls! These are super-simple (do I ever make anything complicated?…hmmm) and very quick compared to sourdough breads. They are made with wild yeast only and the one thing you do need to plan ahead is your pre-ferment, and yes, that is assuming you already have a beautiful rye starter sitting in your fridge. If not, here is my well-tested recipe.  The rolls take anywhere from 2,5 h to 4,5 h to make depending on the ambient temperature in your kitchen. Continue reading

No-Knead Quick Yeast Loaf

This was an “emergency” bread I made last thing on a Friday night. Just got that fresh bread craving and no force in the universe could stop me from baking! It’s a straight forward recipe that gives great results. The dough itself remains quite wet, but don’t let it scare you – just shape it and it will do its job 🙂

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