British Scones with Orange Zest & Cranberries

Scones have been haunting me for the last few weeks now. And when I mean haunt, I mean I see myself making them in my sleep!  I had some great scones during last month’s vacation in the Finger Lakes, NY. They were American style scones – large, crumbly triangles with cranberry and orange. Absolutely delicious. I have actually never made scones before and thought the right way to start is with a British recipe.  I am a huge fan of Mary Berry’s (aren’t we all!) and this one is a play on hers. The process is very straightforward, but there are two things to bear in mind: don’t overwork the dough and make sure your cut outs are sharp and clean (don’t twist the cutter or your scones won’t rise evenly). They came out absolute perfection – crumbly on the outside, light and soft on the inside with a lingering flavour of orange zest. Butter and marmalade is the only way to go for me! Perfect Sunday breakfast…although ate way too many! 😀 Continue reading