Victoria Sponge Cake

It has been my first full summer spent on the East coast and I didn’t dare to bake. My husband always jokes that the summers here are like a wet, hot blanket. Even with running air-conditioning turning the oven on seemslike a little insane. I gave in twice – once to make a batch of birthday gift cookies, and more recently because we both got a hankering for a home-made cake. Here it is, a Victoria sponge with big, plump Jersey blueberries. Continue reading

Cilantro & Sweet Potato Soup

It’s the middle of summer and I find myself browsing though vegan recipes. With so much fresh produce available my sentiment for dense, protein foods is close to none existent. By now you probably noticed that I am a huge fan of blended soups! They pack an amazing amount of goodness and keep your tummy cravings-free for longer. Here is my soup tip: never overcook the veggies; this way you will actually benefit from the vitamins they have to offer. On top of this I NEVER get rid of the cooking water/broth and instead I use it to loosen the soup. This time I would like to share with you this recipe with cilantro as a star. (I didn’t think it’s possible, but I got an actual hankering for cilantro!!)…I may have even licked my bowl 😉 (Adapted from MindBodyGreen). Continue reading

Cocoa-Lime Chia Mousse

My superfoods delivery arrived last night – coconut oil, raw honey, goji berries and chia seeds! I have never used chia before and was excited to test some new recipes. I did my homework and after browsing through various blogs I decided I have to give in to my greatest weakness, chocolate 🙂 I’m not going to feel too bad about this indulgence. In the end, it’s dairy free, packed with fiber and Omega-3. Sold!! (Adapted from The Dabblist). Continue reading

Rye Sourdough Bread Starter

I know it is a matter of preference – some like yeast breads while others have a taste for sourdough ones. I undoubtedly fall into the second category. Sourdough is the only type of bread I knew growing up and I still associate the taste of REAL bread with that slight hint of acidity that gives it character. Accuracy is the only thing that sourdough requires. No fancy machines or expensive ingredients. Flour and water – that’s the whole secret 😉  Continue reading

Sourdough Rye Bread with Four Seeds

There aren’t many things I dislike as much as the supermarket, bleached, wheat flour breads stripped of all nutrition, texture and flavour. They taste of industrial yeast and make my guts suffer for hours after a meal. This was the FIRST EVER bread I made after months of my mum’s pleading and convincing that even the shop-bought pumpernickel does not compare to a home made loaf. Considering I knew close to nothing about baking breads and sour dough I expected it to be a complete disaster. To my surprise, it came out absolutely wonderful 🙂 This is this the bread I could eat every day – full of toasty flavours, moist, chewy with my favourite crispy crust. It is really worth all the work. Try it, you’re going to love it 🙂 Continue reading

Vitamin Mojito Smoothie

A perfect day-starter for those who prefer a lighter breakfast. Imagine sitting in the early morning sun, slowly slurping this delicious, refreshing cocktail. A green, good-for-you cocktail!! You may even get tempted to add a cheeky little shot of rum… I will have to wait till the evening for mine – better start the day sober!! 😉 Continue reading

Aubergine Dip (Baba Ghanoush)

Apparently, you learn something every day. Did you know that aubergine is technically a large berry?? People often complain about the bitter flavour of aubergine, but I have yet to experience it. So if you love hummus and you’re not opposed to this purple…fruit, you’ll love this dip 🙂 Continue reading

Vanilla Ice Cream with Port Wine & Blueberry Reduction

It’s just an innocent pre-weekend treat 😉 This ice cream recipe comes from Michel Roux’s book “Eggs”. I am dairy intolerant and soy ice cream never taste as good as the “real” ones! So, I thought I’ll adjust this recipe and use lacto-free milk and cream. I don’t have an ice cream machine, but I found a way around that, too. If you make it, you won’t be able to resist licking the crème anglaise. I couldn’t…but then I didn’t try very hard! 😛 Continue reading

Asparagus, Broccoli & Spinach Soup

I could finally smell spring in the air today and decided to go green for lunch – all the way!! This one is packed with fiber and antioxidants as well as vitamins such as folic acid, potassium, iron and vitamin A. Oh, it was scrummy!! Continue reading

Hummus Dip with Tahini

…and here is how I used my tahini as soon as I made it! Home-made hummus is so much better than the store bought ones. No artificial ingredients and as much garlic as I like – A LOT! 😉  Continue reading