Cocoa-Lime Chia Mousse

My superfoods delivery arrived last night – coconut oil, raw honey, goji berries and chia seeds! I have never used chia before and was excited to test some new recipes. I did my homework and after browsing through various blogs I decided I have to give in to my greatest weakness, chocolate 🙂 I’m not going to feel too bad about this indulgence. In the end, it’s dairy free, packed with fiber and Omega-3. Sold!! (Adapted from The Dabblist). Continue reading

Vitamin Mojito Smoothie

A perfect day-starter for those who prefer a lighter breakfast. Imagine sitting in the early morning sun, slowly slurping this delicious, refreshing cocktail. A green, good-for-you cocktail!! You may even get tempted to add a cheeky little shot of rum… I will have to wait till the evening for mine – better start the day sober!! 😉 Continue reading

Aubergine Dip (Baba Ghanoush)

Apparently, you learn something every day. Did you know that aubergine is technically a large berry?? People often complain about the bitter flavour of aubergine, but I have yet to experience it. So if you love hummus and you’re not opposed to this purple…fruit, you’ll love this dip 🙂 Continue reading

Vanilla Ice Cream with Port Wine & Blueberry Reduction

It’s just an innocent pre-weekend treat 😉 This ice cream recipe comes from Michel Roux’s book “Eggs”. I am dairy intolerant and soy ice cream never taste as good as the “real” ones! So, I thought I’ll adjust this recipe and use lacto-free milk and cream. I don’t have an ice cream machine, but I found a way around that, too. If you make it, you won’t be able to resist licking the crème anglaise. I couldn’t…but then I didn’t try very hard! 😛 Continue reading

Hummus Dip with Tahini

…and here is how I used my tahini as soon as I made it! Home-made hummus is so much better than the store bought ones. No artificial ingredients and as much garlic as I like – A LOT! 😉  Continue reading

Tahini (Sesame Paste)

Traditionally, you can enjoy tahini as a dip with toasted bread and fresh vegetables. It can also be used as an addition to other dips and sauces such as hummus and baba ghanoush (aubergine dip). Today, I came across a video posted by Jamie Oliver’s team discussing more alternative uses for tahini. Apparently, you can eat it just like peanut butter – on toast with peach jam, or mix into a fruit smoothie (!!). I just couldn’t wait to make my own! Here it is 🙂 This recipe makes one, 300g jar.  Continue reading

Lemon Marmalade

Today was lemon marmalade day! Since I got struck by my muse completely unexpectedly I worked with the ingredients I had at home. I only made enough for one small jar, but you can easily double or triple the measurements. So simple yet so delicious!! Now the only thing lacking is a soft, fluffy slice of bread, hmm…;) Continue reading