Sourdough Rye Rolls

After weeks and weeks of playing with various bread recipes it’s time for rolls! These are super-simple (do I ever make anything complicated?…hmmm) and very quick compared to sourdough breads. They are made with wild yeast only and the one thing you do need to plan ahead is your pre-ferment, and yes, that is assuming you already have a beautiful rye starter sitting in your fridge. If not, here is my well-tested recipe.  The rolls take anywhere from 2,5 h to 4,5 h to make depending on the ambient temperature in your kitchen. Continue reading

Crusty Sourdough Country Loaf

I’ve been experimenting with different bread techniques and recipes for at least the last two months. All in order to figure out how to make a rustic style loaf with the perfect chewy crust I love so much. Many disasters and flops later I finally got it! I was absolutely chuffed when I took this beauty out of the oven – it was all I hoped for and more! The skin cracked the right way, the inside full of lovely wholes and with a wonderful springy texture. Honestly, I had to pinch myself!  Continue reading

No-Knead Quick Yeast Loaf

This was an “emergency” bread I made last thing on a Friday night. Just got that fresh bread craving and no force in the universe could stop me from baking! It’s a straight forward recipe that gives great results. The dough itself remains quite wet, but don’t let it scare you – just shape it and it will do its job 🙂

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Rye Sourdough Bread Starter

I know it is a matter of preference – some like yeast breads while others have a taste for sourdough ones. I undoubtedly fall into the second category. Sourdough is the only type of bread I knew growing up and I still associate the taste of REAL bread with that slight hint of acidity that gives it character. Accuracy is the only thing that sourdough requires. No fancy machines or expensive ingredients. Flour and water – that’s the whole secret 😉  Continue reading

Sourdough Rye Bread with Four Seeds

There aren’t many things I dislike as much as the supermarket, bleached, wheat flour breads stripped of all nutrition, texture and flavour. They taste of industrial yeast and make my guts suffer for hours after a meal. This was the FIRST EVER bread I made after months of my mum’s pleading and convincing that even the shop-bought pumpernickel does not compare to a home made loaf. Considering I knew close to nothing about baking breads and sour dough I expected it to be a complete disaster. To my surprise, it came out absolutely wonderful 🙂 This is this the bread I could eat every day – full of toasty flavours, moist, chewy with my favourite crispy crust. It is really worth all the work. Try it, you’re going to love it 🙂 Continue reading

Traditional Challah Bread

I really don’t think there is a more decadent type of bread than this. Soft and fluffy with a hint of sweet vanilla. Try toasting it and the whole house fills with a scent of buttery deliciousness. What’s best – it is actually very simple to make once you get over the fear of braiding the strands. I could have it all to myself!
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Dill and Kefir Bread

Now, this is a must-make bread. As many breads it is a little time consuming, but not necessarily very labour-intensive. My starter grew in just 3 hours, and that’s without worrying too much about the temperature. It is a real treat for all carb lovers – moist yet incredibly light with aromatic notes of dill. Continue reading

Irish Soda Bread

One of my favourite classics – moist, nutty and satisfying. Nothing else to add 🙂 Original recipe from BBC Good Food. Continue reading