Festive Ginger Snaps

A good portion of the recipes I make come from my mum’s secret stash. So do these ginger cookies and for this reason I will be keeping the details…secret ­čśë Just a little picture teaser. They gave my house this “so-close-to-Christmas” smell – love!┬á


Cardamom Apple Pie with Rosewater Whipped Cream

I’ve had a little jar of cardamom sitting in my spice cupboard for a long time…very long. Autumn is the perfect time for warming spices so off I went with yet another experiment I had a brief panic moment when I realised that a little bit too much cardamom fell off of the spoon and into my apple mix. Frankly it tasted like apple soap! Thankfully and┬ámiraculously,┬á it ┬áblended so nicely with the cinnamon and┬áthe fruit juice that the final result was spot on. Phew. Inspired by the cardamom, my husband whipped up some delightful rosewater cream and we had a feast ­čśÇ Gotta love pies!!
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