Baking Conversions

A lot of the time I find myself browsing various websites and blogs from all over the world for inspiration and I know how frustrating it can be having to convert every measurement rather than just running straight into the kitchen to bake! While I try to post my recipes with American imperial units, sometimes it’s just more practical to use metric. Bread and cake baking especially require a high accuracy of ingredients measurement and that’s where the grams come in.

I understand that many readers may use different measurement units and so I decided to put up a list of baking conversions to help out and also to keep a cheat-sheet for myself!

Having said that, I highly recommend buying a simple electronic kitchen scale. Nothing fancy, but as long as it alternates between grams and ounces it will make your life unbelievably easier!

  1. General measurements conversion table:

Baking measurements tbl 1

2. Selected, most used ingredients’ measurements conversions:

Baking measurements tbl 2


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