Ever since I was a little girl I followed my mum around the kitchen sticking my nose into every bowl. I just had to know where all the goodies come from. Mum always let me play with food and create my own “mixtures”. It was fun – I especially loved the sticky dough-hands, I guess I still do!

In late 2014 I moved from London to New Jersey, US, got married and shortly after turned 30 – crazy times! So many changes to adapt to. So far baking seem to be the only things I am in control of! The green card application was most certainly not one of those things…

I love experimenting with new recipes, be it breads or cakes of various kind. I somehow became the family baker and while it’s a great compliment to hear “you should open a bakery”, it’s easier said than done. Perhaps one day the state finally obtains cottage food laws and I will be able to start my own little something. Until then, wait I must. Baking for pleasure is not so bad in the end! 

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Anonymous says:

    M —

    Finally found the time to explore this amazing blog — I’m inspired to get into the kitchen!

    Cheers and hugs — Stacy


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